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like father, like son?

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st. claire sunrise

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  • duncan and britta are now mr. & mrs. !!!
  • duncan’s now at level 5 of the science career
  • britta has advanced past the sing-a-gram stage of the vocalist career!
  • THERE IS NOW A BABY WOBEGON- abel wobegon was born on spooky day! there are photos of this blessed event because it was hilarious
  • once upon a time, duncan and britta went to a haunted house and duncan got turned into a ghost for the rest of the day, and there are photos of that, too.

i’ll post photos of what i did happen to catch over the new couple days, with a promise to be more vigilant in my documentation of baby abel’s toddlerhood!

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also- i feel really, like, awkwardly disjointed from you guys but don’t actually know what to put in an about me? i’d love to seem more approachable & friendly instead of off in my corner taking photos of dinosaur statues so, like, if you have any questions! or just wanna talk! feel free to hit me up.

what mods besides nraas need to be updated with 1.57?

my game hasn’t been crashing, but i get a notice when i open it that i have out of date mods, and my sims have been floating through floors/staircases/pools 

i have omsp, poseplayer, add any lot size, sclub eyelashes, a camera mod, and then poses & sliders

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i was getting kinda bothered by britta’s eyes and how childish she looked, so i took her down to base and changed her skin, then updated her hair & makeup and i (personally) think she looks looooooads better

don't her eyes look so dead in the first one?!

are there any special fixes out there that people are using with the new patch? i finally caved and updated and i’m afraid to boot my game for what i may find…

i've made a terrible mistake

simblr of a 20 something pr & advertising student from the US with no time or sense. i've been known to get so carried away with scenery that i forget to play my game. i only follow back simblrs on this account & my personal blog can be found HERE

i'm not currently playing the game do to other, more important things, but am still around!